29 Feb

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This week’s webcast features
Dr. Christianne Northrup!!!

Listen to Replays of these Fabulous Webcasts!

Loretta LaRoche & Crystal Andrus present The Art of ReInvention!

Humourous & Simply Fabulous…an inspiring outlook on life!

Listen to Celebrity Psychotherapist & Life Coach, Sherry Gaba & SWAT Founder,

Crystal Andrus – webcast replay from Monday, February 13th!

The Real You or the Wounded You? Who is Running the Show?

Join SWAT Founder Crystal Andrus as you:
· Identify the Voice of your Real Self from your Wounded Self
· Heal the Wounded Self so that she can stop reacting – sabotaging your relationships, finances, health, hopes and dreams
· Reconnect with your Real Self and give her permission to “run the show”
· Feel confident and empowered about your future, knowing that you can create the life you were destined to live!

ReClaim Your Beauty!

Listen to SWAT Founder, Crystal Andrus, as she interviews Celebrity Make-up Artist, Michelle Phillips for a deeply healing conversation to help us reclaim our buried essence and forgotten beauty!



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