SWAT Institute Curriculum

29 Feb

The SWAT Certified Coaching Program is divided into three modules:

Module 1 – Building the Temple: Mind and Body

Without great health and vitality, succeeding in other areas is far more challenging. When our bodies are aligned, we have the strength to tackle the other parts of life—money, relationships, home, family, and living with purpose and passion; we have the strength to reach our highest potential.
Module 1 is composed of 3 courses
Nutrition & Physiology – This course explores the functions of various body systems as we discover the role of nutrition in health and disease management and prevention. Topics include: the sources and functions of nutrients, foundation of a balanced diet, weight management, physical activity, fitness and eastern holistic approaches to diet and nutrition. We use both Western and Eastern philosophies.

Psychology – This course explores the concepts and philosophies used in positively meeting life’s challenges, coping with stress, dealing with emotional struggles, developing self-identity, creating healthy relationships, and embracing healthier lifestyles.

Women’s Health and Wellness – Exploring the body-mind-soul connection in creating physical and emotional health and healing, this course is designed to finish off Module One in an esoteric and open-minded way. Students will learn from some of the world’s leading experts including Dr. Christian Northrup and Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz! Students must complete the 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse with Crystal Andrus in order to successfully graduate from the program..

Module 2: Empowerment Coaching

Module Two is spent directly with SWAT Founder, Crystal Andrus, as well as learning from some of the world’s most powerful teachers including Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Sandra Anne Taylor and Colette Baron-Reid.

Using Crystal’s distinct style of coaching, students are introduced to the higher realms of consciousness and empowerment while addressing core beliefs, patterns, and neurolinguistics. Students learn first-hand how to identify what is holding a client back, i.e. shame, guilt, blame, fear, grief, and anger, while shifting them into courage, willingness, and faith. Students are empowered to develop their intuition, while remaining very grounded and task-oriented. A more metaphysical module than the Module One, studying universal laws, metaphysics, and energy work, students understand the emotional and spiritual components of success.

Students finish up this module with a personal sense of strength to laser in on truth, lies, and solutions! Students will do 4 weeks of practice coaching, then will send in three (3) of their recorded coaching calls to be graded.

Module 3: The Business Behind the Business!

Rarely trained with proven techniques for recruiting leads, converting sales, overcoming objections, and effective marketing, as well as voice training and building a “brand”, there are countless highly-trained and motivated counsellors and coaches struggling to get their own practice off the ground.

Graduates leave Module Three with an understanding of internet marketing, social media, branding, web design, strategic business planning and forecasting, while also understanding how to help their own clients achieve financial success. The course provides you with mastery in all aspects of business and will assist you in becoming a successful coach.

Students will be required to complete the 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse. This must be completed in order to successfully complete the program.

Upon graduation, a SWAT Certified Coach can choose to continue to receive on-going support via The Crystal Club — the SWAT Membership Site. This includes your own website with an e-commerce site, lead generation and continual support from The SWAT Institute — faculty and students. In addition to being SWAT Accredited, you will also be Accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).



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