29 Feb

How Does a Virtual Classroom Work?

The SWAT Institute has set the standard in technology, experience, quality and affordability.

Technology – It’s not enough to offer tele-bridging, eBooks and email courses. The SWAT Institute relies heavily on technology. Our training utilizes the latest technology in web- based software including:

• At our learning platform at http://www.swatoncall.com we put our students first with easy access to your coursework,
assignments, and quizzes.
• We use on-line and phone access for all lectures.
• A minimum of one to two new Conference Calls monthly with faculty and special guests, with access to all recorded
calls already in our curriculum.
• Weekly Homework.
• E-mail tips from faculty and classmates easily shared on our learning platform, along with easy access to faculty and
our student community.
• Global Collaboration.
• Regular newsletters.
• On-line grading.
• Plus, we have an interactive business building membership site called The Crystal Club—that includes access to our
International SWAT Certified Coaching Directory.

Quality and Experience – Do your homework! Look at the curriculum, platform, courseware content, required reading materials, and credentials of our teachers. Compare their experience and subject knowledge. You will see our program is superior to anything on the market today. We provide the highest caliber of subject matter, coaching, software, platform, technical support, and mentoring to our students.

Affordability – After quality, consider the cost. Don’t fall for cheap scams. You can’t expect to train for a position paying $50 – $150 an hour, for the cost of a hotel room, but you shouldn’t have to refinance your car either! Education is an investment and the dividends received are proportionate to what you invest. There is no such thing as something for nothing! Your clients rely on your experience and training. If you don’t have any, they will quickly discover it and find someone who does possess the right skill-set.

What are the minimum requirements for admission to the SWAT Institute?

Skill-set requirements include: The 12-Week BODY-MIND-SOUL Total Transformation TeleCourse is a pre-requisite for Module Two in this diploma program. It is also highly-recommended to have basic CPR and First Aid

Hardware requirements include: Computer set-up with modem, duplex soundcard, phone line separate from internet access, and either a headset or microphone and speakers to participate in the class.

Software requirements include: PC Users: MS Word 97 or newer (or compatible software), Windows XP Professional, Vista, or Windows 7, including an email program supporting attachments.

Mac Users: We also provide assistance to students working within Mac environments and will offer suggestions for document conversion options.

What are the other benefits of being a SWAT Certified Coach?

• Coach Certification. Once certain program requirements are fulfilled and approved, such as satisfactory completion of
courses, client coaching hours, mentor coaching, case studies, etc., you will receive the SWAT Institute certification
for marketing and credibility purposes.

• University-level textbooks. Undoubtedly, our program uses the most comprehensive printed curriculum in the world.
Our college-level textbooks will provide you with state-of-the-art learning tools brought to life by our seasoned faculty.

• License to use our materials. Immediately start using our pre-designed forms, assessments, tools and other programs
with your clients.

• A flattened learning curve. When you are working with experienced coaches and teachers who care about your success,
you stay on track and focus on the future. With weekly TeleClasses, you will have time to both integrate and practise
what you learn, thus ensuring that these skills, concepts and phrasing are permanently a part of your coaching toolbox.

• The Crystal Club. You will be encouraged to build a strong network with other SWAT Certified Coaches via The Crystal
Club—a membership site dedicated to you and all your health, fitness, emotional, spiritual and business needs! As a
member of The Crystal Club you can purchase all our products at wholesale pricing—or sell them directly from your
website (which we will also provide you via The Crystal Club) but you keep all the profits! Additionally, SWAT graduates
are invited to join our International SWAT Certified Coaching Directory via The Crystal Club where we not only promote

you as a newly certified coach but we drive our leads your way and help you to convert them into new clients. Coaches

who haven’t been trained with us regularly ask to join this private directory…they can’t!

• Affordable pricing. We’ve kept tuition low compared to other coaching institutes. Payment plans are also available to
support you in getting started soon. There will be additional fees for books, office supplies, and required reading
materials. What is the cost? When you evaluate the SWAT Institute, including our International SWAT Certified
Coaching Directory, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality program at an extremely reasonable

What is the amount of time or courses that are live rather than taught through pre-recordings?

Our program is unique as our students are not on a fixed timeline and can start at any time that is convenient to them, also our students are from all over the world and in different time zones. Thus most of the courses will be taught via online text and pre-recorded lectures. When Crystal holds her 12 week teleseminar courses she may ask the students who are able to join live on the calls. All live calls with guest speakers will always be saved as mp3’s for our students so they do not miss out! For example Crystal just had an exciting interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup which will be saved as an mp3 for our students.

Will my SWAT Certification accreditation have real value?

You bet it does! Here’s why:

Successful professional coaching is about your client’s success. It’s about your ability to truly help an individual achieve her goals.

Our SWAT Certification course was developed by some of the most experienced professionals in the coaching industry. Combined, they have over four decades of professional experience in developing systems and programs that have helped millions of people to improve their lives and achieve a higher level of success. From this experience they have identified the very best professional coaching practices, techniques and methodologies and combined them into a practical, easy-to-use coaching system that supplies you with everything you will need to insure your clients will receive the finest coaching experience available.

What about my SWAT Coach credential? Is it real?

Yes, the SWAT Certified Coach credential is absolutely real.

There are over a half of a dozen organizations providing life coaching certifications. Their training programs range from two days to 3 years.

The truth is there is no government regulatory agency that sanctions or oversees life coaching certification. In the end, the true value of any coaching credential is measured by the recipient’s ability to deliver meaningful, successful coaching to each and every client served.

When you graduate from The SWAT Institute, you will have gained not only your SWAT & AADP certification, you will have also acquired the expert knowledge and complete confidence to fully utilize the finest professional and comprehensive coaching system available.

Will there be any additional costs other than my tuition fee?

There will be additional cost for books during your course. The average cost is $300-$400 (depending if you prefer print or e-Book version). You are not required to pay for your books all at once. As you finish one course, you move on to the next course and at that time you will pay for the corresponding books. The cost is then spread out throughout the year.

Will I be able to write a diet plan for a client?

As a life coach you will be able to empower women through changes they need to make to have success in each area of their life. You will have excellent knowledge of the foundation of a healthy diet; understanding the nutrition recommendations and guidelines for a healthy diet and weight management. You will be able to share tips to guide clients in healthy eating. You will have resources to share with your client regarding healthy eating and weight management.

Will I be able to write a fitness plan for a client?

As a life coach you will be able to empower women through changes they need to make to have success in each area of their life. You will understand the true benefits and importance of exercise and physical activity. You will be able to provide some tips of what exercise may be most suited to your client. As an example Crystal’s book Simply Woman includes a workout DVD.

Is the SWAT Institute Accredited with the International Coaching Federation?

The ICF is an independent credentialing program, which The SWAT Institute recognizes as a respectable organization trying to standardize and organize coach training. We have looked into what it takes to become ICF certified and at this point The SWAT Institute chooses not to move forward with this. As our Empowerment Coaching Program is unique, it is essential to retain its integrity and flexibility to continue to meet the vision for our school and offer the highest quality program to our students. The SWAT Institute goes above and beyond what the ICF requires and at this time they do not have a process to recognize the other attributes of our school.



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