Become A Coach

29 Feb

Women are different than men…everything about us from our bodies, hormones, brains, and metabolisms, to our needs and desires. We respond differently to problems and emotional demands. When we are happy, our homes are happy. When we aren’t, everyone feels it. Women are the emotional center of not only the home but of our world. “When Momma
ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

Over the past hundred years, women around the globe have fought (or are fighting) for the right to a fulfilling career, relationship, family, home, wealth, health, body, sex & spiritual life. Many women are still learning how to balance all these areas, while many others feel totally confused. Unless we’ve done some serious soul-searching we are competitive and far too critical. We see ourselves through extremely scrutinizing eyes and think the world does too. Our hormones are out of balance, our weight is ballooning, our relationships are complicated and our finances are a mess.

Women need specialized coaches who can see through the lenses of a woman and who understand our specific struggles and solutions.

A SWAT Certified Coach is exclusively trained to integrate these areas, while solving acute and chronic life struggles.



3 Responses to “Become A Coach”

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    G. K. Chesterton: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

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