Archived TeleSeminars

29 Feb

Discover And Express Your Life’s Purpose!
If you are tired of living with a feeling of emptiness, if you’re exhausted, depressed, frustrated, confused, or if you know there must be more, but aren’t sure how to find it, then you will want to listen to this amazing call with SWAT Institute founder, Crystal Andrus!

On this awe-inspiring call, you will discover how to :
• Connect with your truth, needs, dreams and desires
• Channel your guilt, fear, anger and disappointment into courage, willingness and
• Discover how and why you’ve been unconsciously stopping yourself from accessing
your truth
• Learn to express your gifts in a way that is rewarded by the world

Why Wanting Is Not Enough!
Best-selling Hay House authors, Colette Baron-Reid and Crystal Andrus have a life-changing conversation that will help you outline “The Map” that you must create in order to live the life you truly desire!

During this call you will learn how to:
• Create the most important environment you need for empowered and authentic self-healing
• Discover the key to co-creating the most powerful life
• Identify the voice of your shadow—the goblin
• Use powerful metaphors for a “3- minute instant awareness shift”
• Reclaim your innate capacity to shape your destiny

Are You Ready To Find The Love Of Your Life?
Listen to this conversation with SWAT Institute Founder Crystal Andrus and author of ‘The Soul Mate Secret’, Arrielle Ford.

During this call you will learn:
• The key steps to manifesting a soulmate!
• The 5 common blocks that stop you from finding true love!
• How the Law of Attraction applies to finding your life partner!

Meet A Real Life Angel For Mankind!
Listen to the Amazing story of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish!

Dr. Abuelaish is committed to improving the quality of life for women all over the world, focusing on good health and education of females. Crystal says, “I am honored to have this conversation with Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. He is an icon of hope and peace, a real-life angel for mankind.”

During this 90-minute teleseminar you will:
• Learn how to channel your own stories of pain, tragedy and anger into courage,
willingness, and love.
• Recognize that hatred, whether in your own family or between races or religion, is
a learned belief, driven by fear.
• Feel empowered to heal your own heart.
• Discover that world-peace is not only possible, it is needed more now than ever before.
• Want to make a difference in the lives of young girls and women around the world!







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