29 Feb

The SWAT Institute welcomes all women who have at least six years full-time experience living as an adult on your own! As a SWAT Certified Coach you need at least that experience under your belt to handle the responsibilities of supporting other women in their journey. Upon completion of our program, you will be SWAT Certified and can apply to be Certified wtih the AADP Accredited (American Association of Drugless Practitioners).

Hardware requirements
Computer set-up with modem, duplex soundcard, phone line separate from internet access, and either a headset or microphone and speakers to participate in the class.

Software requirements
MS Word 2003 (or newer), including an email program supporting attachments and either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

General Inquiries
The Simply woman Accredited Trainer (SWAT) Institute Certification Program is designed to be a three-year part-time or 12-month full-time distance education certificate. Beyond that time, if graduation requirements have changed, it will be up to the students to upgrade at their own expense.

Payment Terms
There will be a 5% fee charged to all payment plans that exceed 12 months. Penalty for a declined credit card payment will be $30.00. Students can pay off their tuition balance at anytime within the terms without penalty. All tuition prices are in Canadian dollars.

New SWAT Students have ten (10) days from the date of this agreement to cancel their enrolment in The SWAT Institute and receive a full refund (minus a $200.00 administration fee). However, after the tenth day, no refunds will be issued. Students who have enrolled in The SWAT Institute via a payment schedule will still be required to fulfill the entire payment plan.

The SWAT Institute is committed to keeping your personal information Private and will never disclose any information about you without prior written authorization. We will also be providing you with materials and access to information that is intended for ‘paid’ SWAT Students only. As a student, you are expected to keep all information regarding the certification program confidential and private.

Graduation Policy
In order to graduate, a student must fulfill all academic and financial requirements. If a student has completed all of the academic requirements, but has not yet paid her tuition in full, she will not be able to graduate. Students must maintain an average of 70% in each course in order to move on to the next course. There will be a comprehensive test at the end of each course. As a Student you will be required to apply for the SWAT Institute Certificate at the end of completing and successfully passing all 3 modules, after which an academic evaluation of the student’s records will be conducted and certification issued within 5 business days. Your graduation date is the end date of your last term or 30 days beyond if an extension is required. Certificates are shipped approximately four to six weeks after graduation has been verified.

There will be no exemptions from any course within the modules without prior approval from the Dean of the SWAT Institute

Code of Conduct
The SWAT Institute is committed to the health, safety, and welfare of each of its students and faculty members. The SWAT Institute does not tolerate unreasonable, threatening, obscene, harassing, indecent, or illegal behaviour. The SWAT Institute has the right to judge behaviour and respond accordingly. This right includes, but is not limited to, termination of tuition without refund.


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