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FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic

17 Jun

After years of sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping no one would notice, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s fatal in high doses. But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It’s added to the chicken feed on purpose!

Even worse, the FDA says its own research shows that the arsenic added to the chicken feed ends up in the chicken meat where it is consumed by humans. So for the last sixty years, American consumers who eat conventional chicken have been swallowing arsenic, a known cancer-causing chemical. (…)

Until this new study, both the poultry industry and the FDA denied that arsenic fed to chickens ended up in their meat. The fairytale excuse story we’ve all been fed for sixty years is that “the arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces.” There’s no scientific basis for making such a claim… it’s just what the poultry industry wanted everybody to believe.

But now the evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer of the chicken feed product known as Roxarsone has decided to pull the product off the shelves (…). And what’s the name of this manufacturer that has been putting arsenic in the chicken feed for all these years? Pfizer, of course — the very same company that makes vaccines containing chemical adjuvants that are injected into children.

Technically, the company making the Roxarsone chicken feed is a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma LLC. Even though Alpharma now has agreed to pull this toxic feed chemical off the shelves in the United States, it says it won’t necessarily remove it from feed products in other countries unless it is forced by regulators to do so. As reported by AP:

Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division said the company also sells the ingredient in about a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is reaching out to regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide whether to sell it on an individual basis.” (…)

Arsenic? Eat more!

But even as its arsenic-containing product is pulled off the shelves, the FDA continues its campaign of denial, claiming arsenic in chickens is at such a low level that it’s still safe to eat. This is even as the FDA says arsenic is a carcinogen, meaning it increases the risk of cancer.

The National Chicken Council agrees with the FDA. In a statement issued in response to the news that Roxarsone would be pulled from feed store shelves, it stated, “Chicken is safe to eat” even while admitting arsenic was used in many flocks grown and sold as chicken meat in the United States.

What’s astonishing about all this is that the FDA tells consumers it’s safe to eat cancer-causing arsenic but it’s dangerous to drink elderberry juice! The FDA recently conducted an armed raid in an elderberry juice manufacturer, accusing it of the “crime” of selling “unapproved drugs.” (…) Which drugs would those be? The elderberry juice, explains the FDA. You see, the elderberry juice magically becomes a “drug” if you tell people how it can help support good health.

The FDA has also gone after dozens of other companies for selling natural herbal products or nutritional products that enhance and support health. Plus, it’s waging a war on raw milk which it says is dangerous. So now in America, we have a food and drug regulatory agency that says it’s okay to eat arsenic, but dangerous to drink elderberry juice or raw milk.

Eat more poison, in other words, but don’t consume any healing foods. That’s the FDA, killing off Americans one meal at a time while protecting the profits of the very companies that are poisoning us with their deadly ingredients.

Oh, by the way, here’s another sweet little disturbing fact you probably didn’t know about hamburgers and conventional beef: Chicken litter containing arsenic is fed to cows in factory beef operations. So the arsenic that’s pooped out by the chickens gets consumed and concentrated in the tissues of cows, which is then ground into hamburger to be consumed by the clueless masses who don’t even know they’re eating second-hand chicken sh*t. (…)


Big seed companies ignored evidence showing it is possible to solve the world’s food crisis without the use of GM crops or fertilisers

17 Jun

We have all been sold a lie, yet again. We are constantly being told that the only solution to solving the world’s food shortages is to use enormous amounts of fertilizers or genetically modified seeds that produce “super” crops. What we are not being told is that we do not need either of these two options to solve the worldwide crisis in food production, all we need to do is give seeds a little magnetic tickle.

That is right, that is all we need to do. No nitrates, no genetics, no toxic chemicals, no damage to our health or to the natural balance of nature. Just a simple tickle of tiny amounts of magnetism.

One of the authors of a study into crop growth through magnetic stimulation, Angel De Souza, wrote to me after reading the research in my book, Blinded by Science,( which proved that magnetism was the long term solution. He wanted to share his disbelief as to why seed companies showed no interest in his research.

“We developed a technology of magnetic treatment to improve the vigour of tomato, lettuce and onion seeds, rate and germination uniformity, growth, emergency and seedling vigour under field conditions as well as crop yields and quality of harvest… Also, this technology increases protection against the stress of heat and pathogens.

In further correspondence he went on to say that he published a paper in an official seed journal to promote his research in 2010, proving it was possible to increase seed germination and growth of yield of tomatoes. This piece of research fell on deaf ears. No seed company was interested.

This is almost an act of crime against humanity!

So start asking yourself this question, what is the motive behind all of this. It can only be one thing, profits. What can we do about it? Start a media campaign and spread the word, let everyone know what is being done and put pressure on supermarkets, retail outlets and specifically seed companies to let them know that we don’t want to eat food grown with chemicals of plants that are genetically modified in any way. We want natural.
If this means that they don’t make enormous profits then so be it as humanity will be the big benefactor, not only for you, but for your children and your children’s children.

De Souza A, Garcia D, Sueiro L, Gilart F, Porras E, Licea L (2006) Pre-sowing magnetic treatments of tomato seeds increase the growth and yield of plants. Bioelectromagnetics, 27, pp. 247-257.

De Souza A, Sueiro L, Gonzalez L, Licea L, Porras E, Gilart F (2008) Improvement of the growth and yield of lettuce plants by the non-uniform magnetic fields. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 27, pp. 173-184.

“Extremely low frequency non-uniform magnetic fields improve tomato seed germination and early seedling growth” Seed Science and Technology 2010.

About the author:
Matthew Silverstone is the author of Blinded by science, a book that will completely change your attitude to your health.

Blinded by Science offers a theory which when applied to factors like water, plants, the Sun and the Moon all seems to make perfect sense. As simple as it sounds, it is the theory that everything vibrates. The book explains that everything vibrates from the nucleus of an atom to the molecules of our blood, our brain, sound, plants, animals, all the way into outer space. Once this basic principle is understood, everything suddenly becomes clear. Once you apply this theory to the world around you, you will be astounded by what you learn. Find out more at

Study: Conventional cosmetic products linked to damaging side effects

17 Jun

A new report published by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) highlights some of the worst cosmetic products that cause harmful side effects. Among the most damaging are permanent hair dyes, facial and body moisturizers, cleansers, and even sunscreens, all of which are used by a significant portion of the overall population. And cases of severe reactions from such everyday-use products are widespread, say researchers.

Cosmetics, of course, imply much more than just make-up for women. Hair gels, toothpastes, mouthwashes, skin creams, body sprays, moisturizers, deodorants, and pretty much anything else a person applies to skin or hair is considered a cosmetic product. In other words, virtually every human being uses some kind of cosmetic product every single day.

According to the report, entitled National Register of Adverse Effects from Cosmetic Products 2008-2010, roughly 12 percent of survey respondents indicated that they experienced “very unpleasant adverse effects” as a result of applying common, conventional cosmetic products to their skin and hair. Some of these effects were so severe that respondents indicated that they had to be hospitalized.

The overall worst offender was moisturizers, which represented nearly 58 percent of all adverse events reported. Sunscreens and tanning products ranked second worse at 12.5 percent, and both cleansing products and hair dye products placed third and fourth at 9.2 percent and 6.6 percent respectively. Further down on the list were general hair care products, dental care products, and make-up.

The number one reported adverse event from using cosmetic products included eczema and oedema, as well as blistering and/or stinging pain. Other negative effects included dermatitis, urticaria, acne, itching, and even anaphylactic shock. Swelling and allergic reactions were also common, likely due to the presence of harmful toxins in the cosmetic formulas.

“The Register gives us a better overview of the products that cause adverse effects, the type of adverse effect and who experiences them. Then we can make an assessment and even warn against the use of certain products,” said Berit Granum from the Division of Environmental Medicine at NIPH, concerning the report.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has also established a Cosmetics Database through which the public can freely access information about the ingredients used in cosmetic products. It is important to always be aware of what you are putting on your skin or ingesting in your body, and you can learn more about that here:

Sources for this story include:……

Alarming Facts about the Food We Eat

4 Jun

It’s getting harder and harder to stay healthy in our increasingly toxic world. We’re exposed to more chemicals, pesticides and pollutants than ever before in history; they seep into the water we drink, pollute the food we eat and permeate the air we breathe.

Recently, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group released a disturbing study after analyzing the blood of newborn babies across the United States. In addition to discovering 287 chemicals and other toxins in their blood, they also found 76 chemicals that damage cells in humans and animals; 94 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system; and 79 that are toxic to a developing fetus.

What’s causing this?
Alarmingly, over-farming is wiping out the nutrients in your vegetables and fruits. Fertilizers intended to sterilize the soil have robbed it of mineral content. Since the soil is depleted, so are the foods grown in the soil, and so are we.
Take a look at this important study by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) showing the loss of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables since 1975.

• Apples: Vitamin A is down 41%
• Sweet peppers: Vitamin C is down 31%
• Watercress: Iron is down 88%
• Broccoli: Calcium and vitamin A are down 50%
• Cauliflower: Vitamin C is down 45%; vitamin B1 is down 48%; and vitamin B2 is down 47%
• Collards greens: Magnesium is down 85%

So, how do you get the nutrients your body needs to safeguard your health?

Health professionals have signified certain supergreens and superfruits that infuse the body with phytonutrients to protect your health. Phytonutrients enhance your body’s natural detoxification pathways, enabling health and longevity. You might have heard of spirulina, chlorella and wheat grass, for example, which are supergreens. Mangosteen, Star Fruit and Acai Berry are powerhouses of nutrition, too—which is why they’re called superfruits. These superfoods can be your essential line of defense against environmental toxicity.

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Your Green Light to Good Health

Isagenix Greens! contains premium sources of phytonutrients including spirulina, wheat grass, and chlorella among its supergreens.  Spirulina is a kind of blue-green algae that is one of the world’s richest sources of vitamins, minerals, iron, protein and a host of other energizing and detoxifying nutrients. Wheatgrass contains dozens of minerals, including high concentrations of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Chlorella is powerful detoxifier to safeguard against pollutants, chemicals and pesticides.

Isagenix Greens! also contains a rich supply of key antioxidants including ginkgo biloba and green tea extract to help combat free radicals (which endanger cells), and probiotics to support digestive health, plus milk thistle, cilantro and other power-packed ingredients from the plant kingdom to further support detoxification. In addition to containing premium sources of phytonutrients, Isagenix Greens! contains Ionic Alfalfa™, a proprietary blend of minerals with alfalfa juice sourced from prehistoric beds of organic plant matter located within the Earth. Using no-compromise ingredients in this “spark plug” of life, these minerals provide the building blocks that support the body’s functions.

The power of superfruits
IsaFruits contains almost 20 different superfruits. In fact, one serving of IsaFruits equals the same antioxidant-strength of 20 servings of fruit. These antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals—which can harm your cells—as well as promote cardiovascular health and a healthy immune system. Plus, IsaFruits is free of binders, waxes, artificial flavors or sweeteners. With only 30 calories and only 1 gram of sugar per serving, IsaFruits is an ideal alternative to unhealthy sugar drinks and sodas. It’s a great drink for kids and they love the taste. Did you know that when children and teens get their fruit-derived nutrients each day, they’re more likely to do better in school and have a healthier lifestyle long-term? IsaFruits can give your children and teens a competitive edge in all the activities they do.

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Get your nutrients on-the-go
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Protect your health
With IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens!, now you have a way to get both supergreens and superfruits into your daily diet to protect your health against environmental toxins, achieve and maintain optimal health, and safeguard your longevity.